Our Young Artists Theme is:


Although it is not obligatory, we would like to encourage all young artists who participate in our program to try to use this theme somehow in their art.  This theme should be used as a jumping off point for ideas.  This year’s theme was chosen because it not only provides excellent inspiration but it also represents the philosophy we have about saving a child’s cord blood.  By saving a child’s cord blood at birth, you are literally taking something that you have created and giving it to someone who needs it.  This someone may be your own child or it may be a stranger.  Regardless, you have shared the gift of life!

In the art-world, we see many similarities with this concept of “create, give, share.”

CREATE:  Create something beyond yourself.  Give life to an idea that is unique to you. Express yourself visually and in a way that only you can!

GIVE:  Don’t hide your artwork away! Give your artwork to others displaying it proudly.   Send it to us so that we can display it in our on-line gallery and publish it in the Special Edition Young Artists Program Book. Give others a chance to get to know you through your artwork. You are unique, so is your artwork.

SHARE:  Share your accomplishment with others.  Explain why you made this artwork and why you are proud of it.  Have you or someone you know been treated with cord blood? Tell us and we will share your story along with your artwork.  Encourage your friends to visit our Young Artists Gallery.  Why not have a book signing event with friends and family with your original artwork front and center!?

Final thoughts. . . This will probably be one of the first published art projects for many of our participants (but not the last).  Your child’s artwork will be seen by people all over the world.  It will surely prompt conversation about what it means, why the child created this and, ultimately, why is it important.  It’s important because your child’s artwork will encourage others to learn about the life-saving benefits of cord blood and how they can either donate or privately bank their child’s cord blood at birth.  Your child’s artwork could save a life by educating others.  Isn’t it amazing to think about how even these very young minds are capable of making such a positive contribution to society with not much more than a crayon and a big idea?

Please keep in mind, we want this to be the CHILD’S WORK 100%!!  Original artwork can be any shape, color, material, etc. Please try to use our theme “Create, Give, Share” in some way. Original artwork should be 2-dimensional, minimum size of 8.5″ x 11″.  Only HAND-MADE 2-dimensional works will be accepted.  Do not send us the original artwork. We only need a digital copy.  For file requirements, please see official rules.  Unfortunately, we will have to refuse files that do not meet these requirements.