• The theme for this year’s Young Artists Program:  CREATE, GIVE, SHARE
  • Registration and submission are accepted on a rolling basis year round.  However, we do have a deadline each year for the Special Edition Book.
  • ENTRY DEADLINE (for book): OCTOBER 1ST of each year.   No exceptions to this deadline, sorry.
  • It is FREE to participate in this program.
  • Only ONE ENTRY per child. Each child is only allowed to have one artwork featured in our on-line gallery and book unless he/she has also participated in the Young Artists Program via a registered group or teacher. For example, a child may participate through an art class but also sign up as an individual (through their parents/guardian) and enter another artwork.  Please note, the same artwork may NOT be entered more than once in this circumstance. The child must create a NEW artwork for each entry.
  • ARTISTIC FREEDOM!! It must be the CHILD’S WORK 100%!!  Original artwork can be any shape, color, material, etc. Please try to use our theme “Create, Give, Share” in some way. Original artwork should be 2-dimensional, minimum size of 8.5″ x 11″.
  • Only HAND-MADE 2-dimensional works will be accepted.  ANY MEDIA is allowed; however, NO PHOTOGRAPHIC OR COMPUTER GENERATED ART will be accepted at this time.
  • LIMITED ADULT ASSISTANCE REQUIRED. We reserve the right to refuse artwork if we do not feel that it is truly 100% the child’s work (and yes, we do have art education experts on our team). We do understand that little ones need help sometimes but please don’t over do it.  Let your child make his/her own art and it will be beautiful without a doubt!  While you are at it, make a VIDEO of your child making the art, post it on YouTube and send us the link. We’d love to see it (and may share it ourselves)!
    • Scan or digitally photograph artwork
    • JPG files only, maximum 5 MB
    • Minimum 1600 x 2000 pixels
    • 150 DPI minimum; 300 DPI maximum
    • Full Color only: RGB or sRGB only (no CMYK)

    Unfortunately, we will have to refuse files that do not meet these requirements.

  • COPYRIGHT: Your artwork is always your artwork and so you can use it however you want. Submitting it to our program does not change that. In fact, submitting it to our program just makes your artwork go further and become even more special! Once your artwork is submitted to Save the Cord Foundation’s Young Artists Program you grant us the right and license indefinitely to use your artwork in our gallery, in our exhibition book, on merchandise and any educational/promotional material for Save the Cord Foundation. We reserve the right to crop your image and/or place a logo or text on your image. We retain the rights to use your work in educational/promotional materials and advertising across all formats without any further compensation due to the artist. We reserve all copyright to any published materials. If requested, Save the Cord Foundation will gladly remove any artwork from the website.  However, we can not be responsible for removing artwork from previously printed and/or distributed materials. It will be removed from future printings.
  • All sales are final. Given we are a non-profit, we do not offer refunds.  All donations are considered tax-deductible in accordance with 501(c)3 non-profit rules.