Frequently Asked Questions


1)  I submitted my artwork. Now, where can I find it on your site? We will be slowly releasing and featuring all submitted artwork on our online gallery. Click on this link to view the gallery.

2)  Who won FIRST PRIZE? You did! Everyone wins in our Young Artists Program. This is not a competition but actually a collaborative art project. Artwork will be released randomly and we will do our best to give equal billing to all.

3)   When will my artwork be featured? How can I SHARE it?  We will be slowly releasing submitted artworks in a random fashion as soon as we start receiving entries. A post will feature your artwork in our gallery and we will send out a link to all of our friends and supporters via Facebook, Twitter, etc.  You will be able to easily link back to these posts and share it with your friends. Periodically, we will also send out a Young Artists update via email. You can also share these with your friends and encourage them to sign up!

4)  Do you accept videos, photography or computer generated artwork? No, we do not accept these kinds of submissions at this time (maybe next year).  All artwork must be HAND-MADE (hand-made collage with photos is fine).  However, we do encourage you to TAKE PICTURES or make a VIDEO of your child creating his/her artwork.  Post it on-line and send us the link. We’ll be happy to share it with everyone and might even re-post it! Everyone will want to see the famous artist at work!

5)   Who can participate in Save the Cord Foundation’s Young Artists Program? Anyone in the world, between the ages of 2 and 8 years old, can participate in the Young Artists Program.

6)   How do I participate/submit my artwork?  It’s FREE to participate in the Young Artist Program. First, you must sign up on our website as a Young Artist. Then, you submit your artwork.  Simple.  No advanced registration required. You can sign up and submit your artwork on the same day.

7)   I don’t live in the US. Can I still participate? Yes, of course, as long as you are between 2 and 8 years old. We have participants from all over the world!

8)   Can I send you the original artwork for Save the Cord Foundation to scan instead of me? No, please don’t! Sorry, but we just don’t have the resources or staff to handle that service at this time. Unfortunately, we can not accept original artwork.  Please, note that if original artwork is sent it will not be scanned and it will not be returned.

9)   I signed up but missed the deadline for final submissions. Now what? We are truly sorry to hear that but unfortunately there are no exceptions to our deadline. You will have to try again next year.

10) Is it FREE to participate? YES, it is free to participate!! Every entry received will be featured in our on-line gallery and book.

11)  How can I order the SPECIAL EDITION YOUNG ARTISTS BOOK? Once the book is ready to print, we will place a direct link on our website to purchase the book.  If you are a member of our Young Artists Program, you will receive a special invitation to order as many books as you want.

12) What is the money raised through the Young Artists Program being used for at Save the Cord Foundation?  Save the Cord Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit and thus all donations are tax-deductible.  All money raised through the Young Artists Program will go to support administrative costs of running the program itself and funding educational/research projects run by Save the Cord Foundation. This includes but is not limited to: non-commercial educational videos/publications, outreach programs in hospitals, universities and communities worldwide, promoting research for using cord blood to treat 80+ diseases, developing public donation programs, etc.

13)  I am so proud of my work! I want to put it on a t-shirt, mug or something and give it as a gift. How can I do that? We have set up a fabulous gift shop where you can do all this and more! Click here to go to the gift shop.

14)  How do you ensure the privacy of my child?  To ensure your privacy we are keeping things simple. We will only list your child’s first name and last initial, age and hometown on any publication on-line or off-line.  If you ever want your child’s entry to be removed from our Young Artists Program, just let us know.  Please keep in mind that we cannot be held responsible for comments or reproductions of artwork posted on third party websites.  We also cannot remove a child’s artwork from the book once it is published.

15)  How do I explain the importance of cord blood to a young child? As a concept, collecting cord blood is very similar to organ/blood donation.  But for very young children, this concept is very difficult to understand. Instead of explaining all of the details to a young child, we recommend keeping it very simple and maybe compare it to toys that they no longer need.  For example, a child often has toys that they outgrow and then pass on to other children.  We recycle the toys. The other children are very happy to receive these toys.  Likewise, the human body often produces things that it uses for a while and then no longer needs or wants. We can pass on some of these things to other people and they can use them.  This is not a painful process and it can even make the other person feel much better if they were sick. It’s a wonderful way to recycle something that your body no longer needs.

For an older child, you may find a more detailed explanation more appropriate:  Umbilical cord blood is a natural, uncontroversial medical resource that is thrown away as waste 95% of the time. It is our responsibility as parents to teach and show our children the important elements of life that will have a positive effect on their lives and the lives of others.

Explain to your child that during the birth process, after the baby is delivered, the placenta and umbilical cord are expelled by the mother’s body. The doctor can collect the cord blood and it can be used by the family as a future medical resource or the baby’s cord blood can be donated to be used by someone they may never know to save their life.

In the placenta and umbilical cord are very special and powerful cells that if saved  and frozen, can be used to treat many, deadly diseases.  The preserved cord blood can be used can be by the baby and other related members of its family or if donated, it can be used by someone who is sick they may never know.  Teach your children that cord blood is not trash, but a treasure that can save lives and should never be thrown away.

16)  I’m an adult. I am expecting a child or know someone who is. How can I learn more about donating or privately banking cord blood?  To start, here is a quick video (available in English or Spanish) that explains the basics of cord blood preservation. We also recommend that you visit our website at to get more information and understand what options are available to you in your area.

17)  I am a reporter/writer and would like to do a story about Save the Cord Foundation’s Young Artists Program? Please contact us at or via the contact form on this website.

18)  I am a teacher/museum curator/group leader. How can my class/group participate?  No worries! We have made it easy for you!  We have developed a full program so that teachers, museums and other group leaders may participate fully in the Young Artists Program. It is quick, easy and free to sign up a group/classroom. We have also provided lesson plans to help! Go to the TEACHERS / GROUPS section of this site and you will find all that you need. If you still have questions, please contact us. We may be able to provide additional support.

19)  Do you have LESSON PLANS for teachers or workshops? Yes! Please click on TEACHERS / GROUPS for more info.

20)  I want to do more to help Save the Cord Foundation. What can I do?  Lots of options here. . . sometimes we just like to be invited to make a presentation or maybe you know a hospital that would like to start a cord blood donation program or maybe you would like to host an art exhibit in your community as a fund-raiser or perhaps you like to provide financial support or maybe. . . . Obviously, the list is endless and there are many ways that you can help.  Drop us a line if you have an idea or know someone who you think could be helpful.  If you would like to give financial support, please see “How to Become a Sponsor.” For more ideas, click GET INVOLVED.

21)  Help! I don’t see the answers to my questions here. How do I contact Save the Cord Foundation?  You can always contact us via email at or by using the contact form on this website. Other contact information can be found here.