PLEASE NOTE:  As of May 2016, the Young Artists Program is now part of NEXT GENERATION: Cord Blood. Find out more here.

Are you a TEACHER or GROUP LEADER? Do you organize FAMILY PROGRAMS for a MUSEUM or similar institution?

If so, we encourage your group’s participation in Save the Cord Foundation’s Young Artists Program. It is FREE and we have made it EASY for you! We have even developed LESSON PLANS / WORKSHOP GUIDELINES to help organize the day!


1) REGISTER YOUR GROUP:  Download our TEACHER / GROUP PACKET (complete with lesson plans, permission forms, submission instructions, etc.)  Plan a day for this activity and collect all permission forms. Please, NOTIFY US VIA EMAIL that you will be submitting a group shortly and we will send you a link to where you can submit once you are ready.

Click HERE to download the Teacher/Group Packet

2) CREATE! ! Get those kids painting, drawing, cutting, pasting, stamping. . . get them creating. Please encourage them to use our theme: CREATE, GIVE, SHARE.  Feel free to explain why the work they are doing is important and how they are going to help others with their art. MAX DIMENSIONS: 8.5 x 11 inches

3) SUBMIT ARTWORK:  Collect all of the artwork. Scan or photograph each artwork (see size requirements). SUBMIT all of the art and permission forms to us via the on-line link we sent you.  (Your students get to keep their original artwork. We just need a digital file.) Done!  SUBMISSION DEADLINE: OCTOBER 1st of each year


  • ALL teachers/group leaders will receive SPECIAL RECOGNITION in our book and on-line!
  • EVERY child’s artwork will be featured in our on-line gallery and book for FREE as long as the permission forms have been completed.
  • NO HASSLE FOR YOU!  There is no money for you to collect. Instead, we will contact you and the parents individually once everything has been submitted to confirm the receipt of each submission.  The special exhibition book, SAVE THE CORD FOUNDATION’S YOUNG ARTISTS 2012, will be made available in November.
  • Please note:  By participating as a registered member of your group in the Young Artists Program, a child may have more than one entry on-line and/or in the book.  For example, a child may participate through your art class but also sign up as an individual (through their parents/guardian) and enter another artwork.  The same artwork may NOT be entered more than once in this circumstance. The child must create a new artwork for each entry. Please REMIND parents and children of this rule.
  • If you need additional information or educational materials, please contact us at or via the contact form on this website.